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Last updated on 8th of July, 2024

Hi, domain names for sale. You can e-mail an offer. 🙂

Some names are on sale. 💵

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Artificial Intelligence (AI) Domains (sold for $4500)
What makes it interesting? Artificial Intelligence is currently in a breakthrough stadium. ChatGPT and Gemini are proof that AI has high potential and isn't as far away as we thought.

Virtual Reality (VR) ($75 on sale) ($100 on sale) ($150 on sale)
VR went through an explosive growth in 2016. Although VR has had a break since then, I still believe it has huge potential in the near future.

Holo / Mixed Reality
Besides VR, similar technologies have been developed. Mixed Reality / Holographics are also technologies from which we will probably see a lot more in the near future. However, whether these technologies are going to be referred to as VR, XR, MR or holo is still an ongoing uncertainty.

ASMR Domains (sold for $900)
ASMR is an interesting niche in the adult branche, interest is currently growing exponentially since a few years. Especially in combination with techniques like VR it has a huge potential.

Japanese Facial Expressions ($150 on sale)
These Japanese terms are often used in combination with manga and hentai and refer to facial expressions.

General Adult Domains ($150 on sale) ($200 on sale) ($150 on sale)
In the context of smellporn and soapporn, 'porn' can also be used like 'food porn', as in, to the max. But e.g. 'smell porn' could also be interesting for futuristic applications in the porn industry. Facelicking could be a niche in adult business one day.

General Domains ($150 on sale) ($100 on sale)
Some general domain names.